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Links tagged with “urls”

  1. ntlk’s blog: Chrome obfuscates the URLs, Google benefits

    More good words on why a Google Chrome hiding URLs is bad. “Removing the URLs from the browser is an attempt to expand and consolidate centralised power.” (via Stellar)

  2. Adactio: Journal—URLy warning

    Jeremy Keith is, as usual, right. Chrome removing the URL bar makes me much sadder, and a bit angrier, than any UI tweaking should.

  3. URL Design — Warpspire

    Tips for designing URLs, most of which seems like common sense to me, but also some tips re HTML5 Javascript shenanigans. (via Simon Willison)

  4. How do sites prevent vanity URLs from colliding with future features? - Quora

    Just for the list of suggested blacklist terms that shouldn’t be allowed for usernames, so as to avoid future URL conflicts.

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