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Links tagged with “tomarmitage”

  1. Evo 2013: your very, very vague guide

    Tom Armitage on the major fighting video game tournament. I’m fascinated by these things. Not enough that I watch them, but still. Worth knowing something about what goes on.

  2. Infovore/goodcastle - GitHub

    “A script for deploying Wordpress sites.” Sounds useful. I’ve never been sure how to deploy bloggy/CMS stuff other than terrible FTPing etc.

  3. Infovore » Why on earth would you do otherwise?

    Tom writes everything I thought while reading Igor’s good Wieden+Kennedy blog post about “creative technologists”, only better than I would have done.

  4. Infovore » A quick guide to Inspector Spacetime

    A lovely account of an amazing runaway myth created by fans out of a single throwaway joke in an episode of ‘Community’.

  5. Infovore » Where’s @towerbridge?

    Aside from anything else: Twitter appear to have handed one person’s account over to someone else, and all the original tweets have been deleted. How safe does your account feel now?

  6. Infovore » The CSS Redundancy Checker

    Checks your CSS file for all the selectors that aren’t used in the list of HTML files or URLs you feed it. Clever Tom.

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