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Links tagged with “socialism”

  1. Defective Altruism ❧ Current Affairs

    “I think it tells you quite a lot about Effective Altruism that someone can say in all seriousness ‘I’ve decided to stop working on evidence-backed poverty relief programs and start working on stopping Skynet from The Terminator, because I think it is the most rational use of my time.’”

  2. Jackson Lears reviews ‘The Age of Acquiescence’ by Steve Fraser · LRB 16 July 2015

    How left-leaning beliefs have disappeared in the US, mostly over the first half of the 20th century. (Subscribers only)

  3. From the generalized resource curse to communism | An und für sich

    I think the group I was in, in a class in Houston in 2000, proposed a guaranteed basic income like this for our imagined future society on Mars. (via @cshirky)

  4. 590Ev.png 1409×521 pixels

    That’s quite good. Off of 4chan.

  5. Long live Karl Marx! « The Bristol Blogger

    Awww… we used to see this guy at Ashton Court Festival, wandering around in a leather thong with a huge bottle of cider. He was called Colin Toogood and he’s died.

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