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2022-11-22 (Tuesday)


  1. — A place for focused writing.

    Not sure I’d seen this before. Seems like a good, simple, blogging site with email subscriptions, micropayments, ActivityPub, etc.

  2. Defective Altruism ❧ Current Affairs

    “I think it tells you quite a lot about Effective Altruism that someone can say in all seriousness ‘I’ve decided to stop working on evidence-backed poverty relief programs and start working on stopping Skynet from The Terminator, because I think it is the most rational use of my time.’”

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  • robintransition’s avatar

    The UN said a couple of weeks ago staying below 1.5 degrees is now impossible unless we see "a radical transformation of society". So all the papers ran with headlines like this. None ran with "how about we have a radical transformation of society?" Sounds far preferable to me..

  • tomstuart’s avatar

    A moment of clarity…