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2013-04-27 (Saturday)


  1. The Shrieking Violet: The Would Be’s - I’m Hardly Ever Wrong

    An interview with the Would Be’s from 2009. I had no idea they were so young when ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ came out. (Also, they have an album out in May!)

  2. From the generalized resource curse to communism | An und für sich

    I think the group I was in, in a class in Houston in 2000, proposed a guaranteed basic income like this for our imagined future society on Mars. (via @cshirky)


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    “You read a book / And it changes your life / But only for a day / And a day is not enough”

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    @rooreynolds @FinalBullet @gwire Analysis of Krumping and a conversation about Iron Man leading to Louis Theroux. Great new Shift Run Stop!

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    Let me tell you a story about this one time a friend used anecdotal data, and it worked out great for them

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    "And when the tech people keep the money for themselves, they tend to build toy rocketships, not a global networked civil society" -@bruces

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    I'd like to see a fun lifestyle column where a benefits claimant finds out if it's possible to spend all the money IDS earns in a week.