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  1. blissblog: link think

    Simon Reynolds, for the first section on the sociality, or not, of blogging. (via Warren Ellis Ltd)

  2. Total recall: why retromania is all the rage | Music | The Guardian

    This is all very good, on retro of many kinds. “How come the very kind of people who would have once been in the vanguard of creating new music (bohemian early adopter types) have switched roles to become antiquarians and curators?”

  3. Simon Reynolds’ 2010 (Playlist by philgyford - Spotify)

    I made a playlist of all of the albums and tracks Simon Reynolds liked most from 2010. Well, those I could find on Spotify, around 50%.

  4. Blissblog - 10 for 2010

    Simon Reynolds’ top records of the year. So much to listen to. (via Warren Ellis)

  5. Instapaper: Simon Reynolds (Phil Gyford)

    I put all those Simon Reynolds articles in a folder in Instapaper and here’s the RSS feed. (I’m on Instapaper, btw, but don’t use it a *huge* amount.)

  6. Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture | Reynolds: The History of Our World: The Hardcore Continuum Debate

    More Simon Reynolds to read after that last lot, looking back at debates over The Hardcore Continuum. (via Beyond the Beyond)

  7. The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music: Issues

    Search the page for links to seven articles (and an introduction) by Simon Reynolds from 1992-2005 on the “hardcore continuum”.

  8. Retro-futurist techno hyperstasis | Beyond The Beyond

    Bruce Sterling (again) annotating Simon Reynolds on the music of Now. Woof.

  9. Simon Reynolds’s Notes on the noughties: The musically fragmented decade | Music |

    The 200 best albums of the noughties weren’t as good as the best 200 of the 1960s. But the 2,000 best albums were better than the 2,000 best of the 1960s.

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