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2019-06-11 (Tuesday)


  1. blissblog: link think

    Simon Reynolds, for the first section on the sociality, or not, of blogging. (via Warren Ellis Ltd)


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    @lesliehowsam @HewitsonDiaries @samuelpepys Snarky replies are twitter’s default mode of reply, for better or worse. But recently there have been some more helpful replies, and if someone replies with a question someone else usually answers, which is nice.

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    @lesliehowsam @HewitsonDiaries @samuelpepys Readers of @samuelpepys can always visit for lots more information about a specific day’s entry, but I suspect most of his twitter followers don’t know about that, or it’s a bit too much hassle while reading tweets.

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    @lesliehowsam @HewitsonDiaries @samuelpepys I guess one difference here is that @samuelpepys tweets “as if he was tweeting” - the feed contains nothing but his own words. I’ve thought about adding a separate “footnotes” feed, that could reply to relevant tweets of his, which would be nice, but too much work.