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Links tagged with “poetry”

  1. OpenStreetMap Haiku

    Very nice. Little poems using OSM data, the time of day and the current weather. Feels like just the start. (via Imperica)

  2. An Algorithmic Investigation of the Highfalutin ‘Poet Voice’ - Atlas Obscura

    Trying to nail down exactly what makes a Poet Voice. (via Buckslip)

  3. Exquisite Tweets from @nraford

    “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by PowerPoints, starving hysterical for content…” Noah Radford spent two hours recasting ‘Howl’ over Twitter. (originally collected by @debcha)

  4. Pepys Diary erasure project | Via Negativa

    Poems made from fragments of Samuel Pepys’ diary entries.

  5. When Science & Poetry Were Friends - The New York Review of Books

    I liked this Freeman Dyson article from last year, recounting the scientific world of 1770-1830 and comparing it to today.

  6. Index to Poetry by Title

    Lots of Rilke’s poems. Might be handy when I need some poetry for college classes. (via Ben Hammersley)

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