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Links tagged with “openstreetmap”

  1. Draw all roads in a city at once

    More beautiful and interesting than I expected. Also, it maps counties, towns, villages, etc.

  2. OpenStreetMap Haiku

    Very nice. Little poems using OSM data, the time of day and the current weather. Feels like just the start. (via Imperica)

  3. Statistical NLP on OpenStreetMap: Part 2 – Al Barrentine – Medium

    On getting computers to recognise the parts of all formats of street addresses from around the world. Amazing, even/especially the bits I don’t understand.

  4. Apple Map Tiles

    A viewer for Apple’s new map tiles, as used in iPhoto on iOS. I quite like some of it - a nice change from the norm - but if I could change only one thing… those italicised place names are *hideous*.

  5. Google Maps Free Alternatives « Fubra

    A nice summary of the alternatives to Google Maps. I don’t do this stuff frequently enough to keep up.

  6. Why (and how) we’ve switched away from Google Maps - Nestoria Blog

    A nice explanation of Nestoria switching from Google Maps to OSM with MapQuest, Leaflet and Mapstraction. Also worth it for the paragraph on Google’s poor salesmanship.

  7. OSM terrain layer (tecznotes)

    Some lovely looking terrain maps, and lots of words I don’t understand. it’s hard to remember what online maps were like only ten years ago, and now the ability to tinker with stuff like this.

  8. GMapCreator, OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap

    “Get data from a shapefile onto OpenStreetMap using OpenLayers and the GMapCreator.” Example includes a method for using image tiles named with keyhole strings into something OpenLayers can use.

  9. Support OpenStreetMap Donate Now

    OpenStreetMap are trying to raise £10,000 to buy a new API database server for their fantastic work. (via Simon Willison)

  10. Locating Postboxes -

    Matthew Somerville’s new thing — help locate post boxes for OpenStreetMap etc.

  11. The Information Freeway :: A map of the planet

    A very nice viewer for the Open Street Map data. I had no idea they had so much, and it looks gorgeous close-up. (via Simon Willison)

  12. Merchandise - OpenStreetMap

    Very nice large map of plotted GPS data in London, only ten quid. Even better, raises money for OpenStreetMap. (via Tom Carden)

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