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Links tagged with “memories”

  1. BBC - WW2 People’s War

    At least one of those BBC sites, a good one, threatened with deletion/archiving/whatever is already archived by the British Library here. I haven’t looked for others.

  2. Trustworthy Digital Repository - Chronicle of Life

    Really interesting description of an organisation to keep peoples’ data safe forever. This organisational stuff must be at least half the battle, aside from technical things. Rest of site seems a bit… clunky though. (via Haddock)

  3. Momento Is Perhaps The Perfect Passive Diary App

    A few people have mentioned this (article via Blech). It really is a very, very good iPhone app — aggregates your feeds from many services, displays them nicely in a diary, lets you export all the aggregated data. More than worth £1.19.

  4. A Place to Remember Loved Ones | 1000Memories

    Interesting - create a site about someone who’s died. But… feels a bit clunky and like “make a database about someone you love”.

  5. MemoryMiner: Digital Storytelling for Macintosh & The Web

    “It lets you zero in on the stories depicted in your photos by linking them to each other based on people, places and time.” Haven’t tried it, unclear why I should.

  6. ‎Lifestories On-Line Brochure

    Poorly presented, if interesting, business videotaping people telling their life stories. However, the owner, Dr Ellen Brandt, @venerability, is a compulsive twitter spammer.

  7. Magical times at the picture palace - Evening Star 24

    Second part (of two, I think) of my grandad’s memories of growing up in Ipswich in the early 1900s.

  8. Child’s-eye view of Edwardian Ipswich - Evening Star 24

    Part one of my grandad’s memories of growing up in Ipswich in the early 1900s.

  9. Memoryshare

    The Time When, which I built as an prototype for the BBC, has now been re-done internally as Memoryshare.

  10. MemoryMiner - Digital Storytelling Software - Downloads

    Really nice Mac application for organising photos from your past around people and places. (via Haddock)

  11. Guardian Unlimited | The Guide | Jacques Peretti: History in the remaking

    The commodification of our childhood memories. “Once they start making programmes about your youth, you may as well kill yourself with a spiked ball, preferably while wearing rollerskates.”

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