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Links tagged with “mattbiddulph”

  1. An oral history of “Silicon” Roundabout | Forward Partners

    One that sounds familiar to me! Well, a lot of it does anyway. I’d still like to read one of these that starts earlier - it wasn’t a wasteland before 2008.

  2. How London’s Silicon Roundabout really got started — European technology news

    Brilliant - really glad this got written up. Matt Biddulph’s timeline of how “Silicon Roundabout” became a thing.

  3. Some pointers for Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning — Gist

    Not sure I’ll ever need this, but Matt Biddulph has collected useful things he’s found while getting to grips with this stuff, and I love it when people share their learning like that.

  4. Twitter / mattb: @philgyford those “estimat

    “@philgyford those “estimates” always upset me. I didn’t estimate, I wrote down the first 15 companies I could think of in half an hour.” Exactly.

  5. Mattb’s git and workflow Bookmarks on Delicious

    Links to examples of how people use Git. I still find it hard to get my head round this kind of stuff, and reading things like this helps.

  6. Extenuating Circumstances – SXSW 2008: Creative Collaboration: Building Web Apps Together

    Good notes on a SXSW panel. I wonder where I’d fit in, but also wonder why I’m doing all this theatre nonsense when reading stuff like this makes me so excited.

  7. Hackdiary: Using Wikipedia and the Yahoo API to give structure to flat lists

    Matt Biddulph doing clever stuff. Would be good to try this with some Pepys stuff I think.

  8. Open Tech 2005 - a photoset on Flickr

    Lovely medium-format photos of geeks by Matt Locke. Includes me, but my favourites are: Coates, Hammond, Nelson, Webb.

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