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2012-10-14 (Sunday)


  1. Some pointers for Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning — Gist

    Not sure I’ll ever need this, but Matt Biddulph has collected useful things he’s found while getting to grips with this stuff, and I love it when people share their learning like that.


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    @mildlydiverting Everyone looked so very 80s! 'Let's Do It' was a good way to end the weekend :)

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    Scared of heights?

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    @tomcoates I am partly with you really, but then again I bet a lot of useful stuff has come out of things that seemed a bit pointless.

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    @tomcoates I guess in all SF involving space we never see the decades/centuries of little experiments that lead up to interstellar travel.

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    Are you venting? Boot heat?

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    Chilly Sunday tippy tappy.

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    RT @mjmopperman @GreatDismal If I may, how useful do you find the work of Todorov and Propp in your writing? [Had to Google them, so no]