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Links tagged with “losangeles”

  1. Help me not hate LA? | Ask MetaFilter

    Lots of really nice answers full of people who have grown to love living in LA after moving there. Just positive and encouraging.

  2. Ghost Streets of Los Angeles

    Seeing the paths of, probably, old streetcar lines in the shapes of buildings in satellite photos.

  3. Night and the City • Articles • Xbox 360 •

    A lovely description of exploring the 1947 world of ‘LA Noire’ with the author’s father who grew up in LA around then. (via Infovore)

  4. Between the Lines - Features - Los Angeles magazine

    Fascinating long article on the history of parking, parking meters, parking lots, parking costs, and how they all affect towns and cities. (via Kottke)

  5. Married and moving to Hollywood

    I just like John August’s suggestions on how to maintain a good relationship if you both move somewhere because one of you has a new, all-consuming new job.

  6. TV Guide Community: Of Office Emmy Cheers and Acting Careers

    Interesting stuff on how to be an actor in LA. Her professor said, “If you can think of anything else you are passionate about besides acting, do that. Your life will be better for it.” (via Kottke)

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