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2012-01-07 (Saturday)



  1. Between the Lines - Features - Los Angeles magazine

    Fascinating long article on the history of parking, parking meters, parking lots, parking costs, and how they all affect towns and cities. (via Kottke)

  2. BBC - Food - Recipes : Hearty party hotpot

    Going to try and start bookmarking recipes I’ve enjoyed as I forget what they were otherwise.


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    @rooreynolds @gwire Can't believe I forgot Echofon could mute like that. Jam spam begone!

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    @anneshewring Why do you want intergalactic business to fail? All this over-regulation is holding back our honest space marines!

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    Sorting and uploading black and white photos taken on film to Flickr very slowly. Remember Flickr? It was like Instagram only less insta.

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    @csi_popmusic When they ask a question, ask if you can put them on hold, and then ask Twitter what your answer should be. What can go wrong?

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    Notification of impending passport delivery, or spam SMS?

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    @spaceboy Great! I hope the team wins! Go team! Kick the ball! Do some tackles! Yeah, more tackles! And kicking!

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    @anneshewring Is it? Or is it just our glorious red-tape-free future? Cameron would love the carefree world of first-person shooters.

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    @chrislunch Shitcocks.