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Links tagged with “lightroom”

  1. Peakto, the game-changing photo organizer software for Mac

    Explore your photos from different apps/services in one place. Unsure if this is a “now you have two problems” thing, but it sounds clever.

  2. Avalanche, the best photo conversion software for Mac

    Transfer photo libraries between Lightroom, Luminar, Capture One and Apple Photos.

  3. The Online Photographer: LR Replacement Photo Editing Software

    Lots and lots of thoughtful comments discussing replacements for Lightroom. The closest to a consensus might be Capture One, with Affinity Photo as a Photoshop replacement.

  4. Adobe unveils all-new cloud-based Lightroom CC, rebrands old application ‘Lightroom Classic’

    This doesn’t make me feel good. Wondering if I should jump from Lightroom now (to what?) before becoming stuck in something harder to get out of. (via The Online Photographer)

  5. LR-iTunes – Lightroom to iTunes plug-in - John Beardsworth

    A handy, free Adobe Lightroom plugin that makes it simple to export albums of photos to a folder that iTunes can then sync with your iPhone/iPad.

  6. New Lightroom plug-in – CaptureTime to Exif - John Beardsworth

    Bascially a Lightroom-plugin front-end for Exiftool. Lets you easily update the Date Time Original EXIF field (eg, for setting the date a scanned photo was taken) but also add other arguments manually.

  7. Some thoughts on Lightroom Keywords – Chuqui 3.0

    I’m fascinated, amused and horrified that people have to spend so much time on thinking about the kind of thing that was once a relatively obscure part of a small profession. (via John Beardsworth)

  8. Workflow smart collections - John Beardsworth

    I don’t need anything this complicated, but I find this ability to create complicated but very custom workflows fascinating.

  9. Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog » An Analysis of Lightroom JPEG Export Quality Settings

    Even if you’re not directly interested in Lightroom, it’s interesting to look at the many examples here to see how different levels of JPEG compression affect quality/file size.

  10. Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog » Jeffrey’s “Export to Flickr” Lightroom Plugin

    A bit clunky, interface-wise, but much more configurable and better than the standard Lightroom 3 Flickr plugin. (via @tomtaylor)

  11. Search and Replace metadata in Lightroom

    “A Lightroom 2 and 3 plug-in designed for bulk changes to text in Metadata Panel fields.” Could be handy for some tidying up.

  12. One click file hosting: macuser-2009-11-20-nov.pdf

    Dodgy copy of an issue of MacUser (UK) from last year which includes a longer version of Leigh McMullen’s ‘Moving from Aperture to Lightroom’ article.

  13. How To: Moving from Aperture to Lightroom | Cult of Mac

    I can’t believe there’s no standard way to transfer libraries between the two apps. This method sounds good, but you lose your projects/folders.

  14. iPhoto Export - The Possibilities (Google Translate)

    iPhoto to Aperture to Lightroom seems like the most promising way to move to Lightroom and keep your metadata. Can’t believe it’s this hard.

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