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Links tagged with “jumpers”

  1. Country Of Origin Clothing- Hand Frame Knitwear Made in Scotland

    Jumpers made in Hawick, 300 per design. (via Grey Fox)

  2. Shetland Jumper - Leith Clothing

    Simple, made-in-Scotland from Scottish wool, not expensive. (via Grey Fox)

  3. ESK Cashmere

    Nice, simple, Scottish-made, not cheap jumpers etc. It’s only a matter of time before every ‘About’ page is renamed ‘Story’ isn’t it. (via Die, Workwear)

  4. Knitwear from House of Bruar

    Also recommended in some forum for Scottish wool jumpers.

  5. Pakeman Catto and Carter

    Recommended in some forum for Scottish wool sweaters.

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