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Links tagged with “jackets”

  1. Batch Notes. No.3 — Paynter Jacket Co.

    I enjoy these notes covering the thinking, planning, testing and making of their jackets.

  2. Abacost - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Alternatives to the traditional suit jacket are always rather weighted with politics. Mobutu’s Abacost, the Mao suit, the Nehru jacket…

  3. One Cloth, Four Styles

    A nice poacher’s pocket for reading material.

  4. Neapolitan tweed jacket – Elia Caliendo

    Mmmm, yes, maybe that’s the thing. Only *cough* €2800. So maybe not.

  5. Loden top coat from Vergallo

    Nice coat (as you’d expect for €2000). I like the idea of lapels that button up like this, but this one looks somehow unfinished when done up.

  6. Belstaff | Official Website

    Heavily retro rather than futury, although there’s still something slightly SF about some of the jackets. Also, the coat Sherlock wore.

  7. Jackets from Scottevest - Vests and Jackets by SeV - Men’s and Women’s Jacket Store

    Good looking jackets designed for geeks with requirements for many, many pockets. Shame it’s mail order only. (via TUAW)

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