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Links tagged with “illustrator”

  1. Comics — Jeffrey Alan Love

    I love the comics and illustration work here. Shows what you can do with not much more than silhouettes. (via Warren Ellis)

  2. James Ferguson illustrations | The New York Review of Books

    I love these watercolour(?) caricatures/portraits, the solidity of them. (I also love that the NYRB’s search results can generate results like this for one of their illustrators.)

  3. Stefan Glerum

    I’m liking this chap’s black and white illustrations so far. Dark and humorous. (via Drawn)

  4. Melamed

    Some great illustrations by Victor Melamed. (via Drawn!)

  5. Alex Green

    Lovely illustrations (warning: plays music and, like most illustrators’ sites, features an annoying and tiresomely unique interface).

  6. David Hughes Illustration

    I loved his work when I was at college and he’s still going strong and has a new website. Excellent scratchy pen action. (via Drawn!)

  7. Martin Wittfooth

    Lovely surreal paintings and drawings. (via Drawn!)

  8. Randy Glass Studio

    Incredibly detailed and accurate black and white ink(?) illustrations. (via Drawn!)

  9. Process Recess

    Some gorgeous life drawings on this illustrator’s weblog. (via

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