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Links tagged with “hauntology”

  1. Scarfolk Council

    “Scarfolk is a town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979.” Very nicely done tone and artefacts. Hauntology as fictional blog kind of thing. (via @harikunzru)

  2. Hauntological Futures |

    The first of seven posts, which I’m looking forward to. I often find myself agonising over related things: a nostalgia for past futures at the expense of… well, whatever I might otherwise think about the future.

  3. Moon Wiring Club – The Jayston Mix | Pontone

    Another free mix, this time devoted to actor Michael Jayston. (If I could find Moon Wiring Club’s album to download and pay for anywhere, I would…)

  4. The Wire: The ASDA mix - a Moon Wiring Club exclusive

    Fun, free mix of 1970sish British TV music type hauntology malarkey.

  5. Warren Ellis » Guest Informant: Moon Wiring Club

    Some interesting-sounding music here, although obscurity and lack of bloody links makes it a bit annoying to listen and/or buy.

  6. The art of noise refined - Times Online

    When I’m having to read about new musical genres (“hauntology”) in three-year-old ‘Sunday Times’ articles, something’s gone very, very wrong.

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