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Links tagged with “googlestreetview”

  1. London, England - Google Maps

    My second appearance (that I know of) on Google Street View.

  2. Internet of Dreams - Time and Edges

    StreetView showing the same street both pre- and post- gentrification, giving a hint at its historical importance. Imagine being in the 22nd century and being able to use today’s StreetView. (via New Aesthetic)

  3. Google Maps - 3339 California 121

    Google Streetview of the hill from the Windows XP desktop wallpaper. The actual hill, not just “looks a bit like the hill”.

  4. Apres Garde

    Another Tumblr blog of scenes from Google Streetview, this time more “artistic”/beautiful shots, rather than quirky. Stunning. (via Blech)

  5. Jon Rafman (9Eyes)

    Amazing collection of Google Streetview images from around the world. Fascinating. Streetview is going to be an *incredible* historical document. (via Crackunit)

  6. MapCrunch - Random Google Street View

    Really simple idea, everyone’s linking to it, and it’s still very lovely. Instant momentary holiday.

  7. Historypin | Home

    This is rather nice, especially when you finally get to viewing the historical photos in place in Google Streetview. (via Beyond the Beyond)

  8. Art Fag City » IMG MGMT: The Nine Eyes of Google Street View

    First, interesting essay on Google Street View as photography/art. Second, really wonderful photos found around the world on it. (via Blech)

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