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2012-07-18 (Wednesday)


  1. Noisy Typer – a typewriter for your laptop. | F.A.T.

    Enjoying using this a bit too much. The audio feedback is surprisingly nice. Not sure how much longer the novelty will last, and it wouldn’t be too good in the office… (via Haddock)

  2. Google Maps - 3339 California 121

    Google Streetview of the hill from the Windows XP desktop wallpaper. The actual hill, not just “looks a bit like the hill”.

  3. Indietracks Festival

    Jolly nice, virtually free, 52-track compilation of twee/indiepop tunes. How can you go wrong, unless you hate nice things?


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    @DougCoupland The point at which most people would want to insert a paragraph break? Not sure how many characters that would be…

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    @iamdanw @revdancatt @tobybarnes The report on pre-emptive Olympic graffiti arrests apparently inaccurate:

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    Really, really finished this time. Really. Please. Too much history.

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    Introduced by @jamesbridle just a year ago, the #NewAesthetic could be the first real avant-garde of the millennium.…

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    Old drawing of @philgyford with a Samuel Pepys homunculus