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Links tagged with “geolocation”

  1. Difference between geo and coordinates in status - Twitter Development Talk | Google Groups

    Coordinates vs geo vs place in the Twitter API. It’s not good when you have to read email threads to work out how to use a company’s API.

  2. 1UP: The importance of platforms, and how we’re extending ours | Foursquare Blog

    Ooh, nice: Foursquare’s Venue Project, to tie together IDs for different places (businesses, buildings, etc) on different sites and services. (via Booktwo)

  3. Coderholic’s django-cities at master - GitHub

    Models, with data from GeoNames, for countries, regions, cities and districts, for Django. Haven’t used it yet, but looks very useful.

  4. Woe db

    Searchable index of the Where On Earth ID location database, very nicely done.

  5. Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Flickr Shapefiles Public Dataset 1.0

    I keep seeing cool code stuff whizz by and I’m not making anything with it. May need to ringfence time from other commitments just to *do* something.

  6. Simonw’s geocoders at master - GitHub

    Python “code for accessing various geocoding web services with an ultra simple API”. Sounds good.

  7. Yahoo! Placemaker™ Beta - YDN

    Parses text and extracts any recognisable locations. (via Simon Willison)

  8. iCraig » Geotagger

    A Mac app for using Google Earth to add GPS coordinates to photos’ EXIF data. A shame iPhoto doesn’t update its cached data though. (via Lee)

  9. Free The Postcode!

    Creating a free UK postcode database. Laudable, but I doubt it’ll be comprehenive enough to be usable or keep up with churn. (via Tom Carden)

  10. Transmutable: 93 Photo Street

    Free software for publishing web pages of location-based photos.

  11. Anti-mega: can we get excited yet?

    Chris is living in the future. And it’s over there.

  12. Mobile Bristol - Queen Square - 1831 Riot!

    Walk around the square and a GPS-equipped iPAQ plays location-relevant historical sounds…

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