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2011-03-16 (Wednesday)


  1. An Archive for Interaction Design

    Archiving digital design is difficult, like trying to archive a conversation.

  2. On archiving digital products - this is

    Archiving things like websites is more than saving copies of pages. Digital things are like architecture, reliant on context, interaction, change. (via Booktwo)

  3. 1UP: The importance of platforms, and how we’re extending ours | Foursquare Blog

    Ooh, nice: Foursquare’s Venue Project, to tie together IDs for different places (businesses, buildings, etc) on different sites and services. (via Booktwo)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Coding air punch!

  • philgyford’s avatar

    It’s always the simple things that are difficult isn’t it. Oh, and the difficult things, they’re difficult too.