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Links tagged with “furniture”

  1. Bespoke Plywood Furniture

    “Designed and manufactured in London.”

  2. Shoe Cabinet | Shoe Cupboard | Shoe Storage Cabinet | Shoe Cabinets

    The eternal quest for shoe storage. Lots here although I suspect it’s all a bit chipboard.

  3. Benjamin Hubert Studio

    Some interesting furniture and lights made with many different materials and processes, what Matt J told me about. Some nice prototypes, manufacturing and sketches if you click through to later images.

  4. Recliner Chairs | Scandinavian Comfort Chairs

    These don’t look beautiful (scroll down for the varieties) but having tried one, they are very, very comfortable.

  5. Danish homestore. The classic danish furniture specialist

    Lots of lovely looking furniture which I’m not looking at at all, oh no. (via Haddock)

  6. The Mid-Century Modernist

    Oh. Oh. My. Too many nice things. I must lock my wallet away.

  7. Viaduct

    Oh for a modern furniture site that doesn’t use Flash.

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