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Links tagged with “facebookconnect”

  1. Hacker News | I’m done building Facebook apps for clients

    More people discussing the frustrations of developing for Facebook.

  2. I’m done building Facebook apps for clients | Ryan Waggoner

    Yes, this. I’ve only done Facebook Connect stuff, not built actual FB apps, but, it’s unpleasant and frustrating. Stick to the Web.

  3. Facebook Developers | Platform Live Status

    Current status of the Facebook platform.

  4. Mu — Mu Connect

    A JavaScript library for making interaction with Facebook Connect easier. Which I somehow didn’t find when it would have been useful to me.

  5. Test Accounts - Facebook Developer Wiki

    For when developing and testing Apps. Because I’ll need this again

  6. Facebook Connect CodeIgniter Library « Elliot Haughin

    That photo does not endear me to the chap but this is still quite handy if you’re after that kind of thing.

  7. Linking Facebook Connect - Stack Overflow

    “how do I make it so I can store the facebook user ID into my MySQL database as part of the current users information?”

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