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Links tagged with “davidmarkson”

  1. Reading Markson Reading, The poet Laura Sims is writing a piece about…

    Tyler Malone on his experience of going through Strand Books’ entire stock, twice, to find hundreds of books from the late David Markson’s library.

  2. The portable-infinite: David Markson interview

    From 1996. “The new book is not even a monologue. It’s a semi-non-fiction, semi-fiction.” “People still do [write fiction books], and good ones, but I don’t know why. It’s been done.” (via Rodcorp)

  3. Reading Markson Reading

    Brilliant: scans of pages of books owned by David Markson which ended up in the Strand bookstore after his death. His annotations are explained and examples of corresponding passages in his own work are given. (via @jamesbridle)

  4. Oh I get it, it’s a sci-fi novel! « LRB blog

    Oh, no, David Markson died last month. The Strand Bookstore is selling off his library. Some people are trying to keep it together.

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