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Links tagged with “cookies”

  1. The stupid cookie law is dead at last | Silktide blog

    “History has shown us that whenever a law opposes the will of the people, it doesn’t tend to do much. It may have been illegal to tape songs off the radio, but there’s little appetite from police officers to cart schoolchildren off to prison for it. And so it is here.” (via @tomskitomski)

  2. Your Choices | YourOnlineChoices UK

    Opting out of ads that creepily follow you round the web. Includes advertising services that weren’t on the Network Advertising Initiative page I linked to a couple of weeks back. (via @rooreynolds)

  3. Network Advertising Initiative - Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

    “Select all” then “Submit”. In theory I feel I should find targeted ads more useful and interesting. But, no: increasingly creepy.

  4. Beth’s Spicy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - Allrecipes

    Made these last night. Very, very tasty. They did, finally, just about set enough to not fall apart.

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