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Links tagged with “companies”

  1. Rose tinted memories of BBC Backstage

    “I’m pretty sure it’s no longer enough for organisations to be ‘open’ because no matter how hard you try, eventually that just becomes PR and marketing fluff. Much better to aim to be porous.”

  2. No Dickheads! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, And Creative Teams. — Medium

    So good. Sounds like such a great place to work and do good work.

  3. QuantumBlack Visual Analytics Limited

    “We’re a creative data science agency.” Dataviz type stuff. London.

  4. The coolest culture hack of all is not hacking your culture » Boyes Club

    Good. “If you tell me you want to ‘hack’ your culture, what I hear is, ‘I don’t know how to make the people working for me simultaneously more engaged and more productive, so I’m going to attempt to manipulate them in ways based entirely on my own misunderstanding of human behaviour and hope that gives me the results I’m looking for’.” (via @tomstuart)

  5. A Brief History of the Corporation: 1600 to 2100

    (June 2011) Really good look at corporations in a very broad sense, from East India Company, Smithian Growth, Mercantilist Economy (1600-1800), to Schumpterian Growh, Industrial Economy (1800-2000), and now Coasean Grown and the Perspective Economy. (via Interconnected I think)


    Interesting-looking information design agency, based in Milan and New York. (via The Functional Art)

  7. Kiln = Journalism + Data + Technology + Design

    Small London company making interesting looking visualisations, maps, graphs etc. Ex-Guardian folks. (via CreativeJS)

  8. The Technium: Corporate Long-term-ism

    “There is a strong anti-government attitude at loose in the world (not just in the US) that believes that government can only screw things up. And at the same time, a belief that corporations are the prime engines of all that is socially good.”

  9. Netflix Reviews |

    Comments from Netflix employees, a good counterpart to that impressive presentation about company culture that went round a few weeks ago. (via Haddock)

  10. Evhead: The Birth of Obvious Corp.

    I’ve thought this would be the way to go for some time: build a network of smallish, mutually-supporting websites, grow organically. (via Kottke)

  11. O’Reilly Radar > Entrepreneurial Proverbs

    I’m a sucker for lists of start-up rules like this that I’ll probably never need. (via Boing Boing)

  12. Pricing (27 October 2005, Interconnected)

    Webb again on how to charge for freelance and consulting work. Brilliant, without having to mention embarrassing figures.

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