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Links tagged with “brucesterling”

  1. Mirrorshades

    Free online edition of the 1986 cyberpunk anthology: Gibson, Cadigan, Rucker, Bear, Sterling, etc. Not the most readable format however. (via

  2. An Essay on the New Aesthetic | Beyond The Beyond |

    Long, excellent essay from Bruce Sterling on the New Aesthetic, why it’s very interesting, and the problems it faces. Well worth a read.

  3. Dead Media Beat: tech blogs | Beyond The Beyond

    Sterling on various blog posts wondering Bout the death of blogging. I read a lot of blogs, but I don’t read any of those “professional” blogs the pundits say are dying. I won’t notice.

  4. The New Pants Revue | Beyond The Beyond

    Bruce Sterling comparing old and new 5.11 Tactial Pants. I love this SF-writer/fashion crossover point. I tried some of these on recently and they seemed oddly baggy. Maybe I’m too used to jeans. (via @GreatDismal)

  5. The Blast Shack

    Bruce Sterling on WikiLeaks, Cablegate and Julian Assange. Worth a read, especially if you can do so with Sterling’s weary drawl as your interior voice.

  6. Flipboard | Beyond The Beyond

    Bruce Sterling on Flipboard, magazines, etc. “Why not send me [Lady Gaga’s] Flipboard? Why not sell me that? By subscription. Then it’s magazines all over again. What fun!”

  7. intitle:”anna chapman” inurl:beyond_the_beyond - Google Search

    I’m very much enjoying Bruce Sterling’s coverage of Russian spy Anna Chapman. (And, mmm, Google search filters are handy.)

  8. Retro-futurist techno hyperstasis | Beyond The Beyond

    Bruce Sterling (again) annotating Simon Reynolds on the music of Now. Woof.

  9. Flash Crash | Beyond The Beyond

    Sterling: “why do these microsecond-trading enterprises even exist? … Even a casino would disallow this kind of techno-”innovation”. … Enron was innovative. Enron was super-innovative.”

  10. The Viridian Design Movement

    Bruce Sterling closed Reboot last week and, even though I’d heard and read some of it before it was a wonderful, weary, preaching, telling off. It made me read this again.

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