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  1. Soul Sides - So you want to start an audioblog…

    Tips for new MP3 bloggers. Nothing extraordinary, but good common sense.

  2. WWW::Odeon - A simple API for screen-scraping the website

    Wouldn’t it be awful if large numbers of Accessible Odeon websites suddenly sprang up everywhere…

  3. MP3Blogs Aggregator

    Quite handy, although I currently prefer sticking with a few blogs whose tastes I’m liking.

  4. Seinfeld DVD - It’s Official! - Seinfeld Blog Discussion

    Finally. Although I bet many fans have long since given up waiting and downloaded all the episodes by now…

  5. - The Radio Propaganda Sounds

    Some sample wavs/MP3s of the man who broadcast Nazi propaganda in English from Germany during World War II.

  6. Bowblog: Got Bokeh?

    I’ve always loved out-of-focus backgrounds in ‘Sight and Sound’

  7. Matt’s PowerBook problems

    I love using Macs, mostly. But Apple’s customer service is atrocious. Good luck Matt.

  8. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | John Barron

    Awwww, CJ’s died. No, not West Wing CJ, Reggie Perrin CJ:

  9. BBC - BBC Four Documentaries - The Shock of the New Episode Guide

    The whole series is being reshown, starting tonight. It *was* my art history class on my foundation course. Brilliant.

  10. Guardian Unlimited | Online | Man of the moment

    A nice feature about me, me, me in the Guardian today. In the web version you miss out on the surprisingly vast photo.

  11. LRB | James Meek : Reasons to be Miserable

    The strange world of distant, frozen parts of Russia, which really shouldn’t be populated.

  12. 365 Days Project

    Awesome collection of 365 very strange MP3s. All together now:

  13. City Lit’s September courses are now open for enrolment

    So if you’re in London, why not learn to do something other than stare into a computer? Hurry!

  14. Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

    You never know, I might need it (it does start simply).

  15. Mac OS X port of Graphviz

    I’ve re-done my only Graphviz graph in Omnigraffle, but this might be handy at some point.

  16. Microsoft TerraServer - University Forest Apartments, Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX

    I didn’t realise quite how close those aerial photos got. Slightly spooky. I used to live in the right-most block.

  17. Steve Minutillo :: messy-78

    Forcing PHP to properly handle XML in different encodings. I’m bound to need this at some point.

  18. Yahoo! Tracker

    Graph showing changing popularity over time of particular photos at Yahoo!

  19. Kurt Vonnegut: Cold Turkey (at AlterNet)

    Ramble about the state of America.

  20. Nickelback vs Nickelback

    Are they by any chance related?

  21. New AlterNet design

    Lovely and clean. Uses tables, but I can’t say I blame them.