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  1. Copy, Right?

    MP3 blog devoted to cover versions. Don’t know why no one did it before!

  2. adaptive path

    Peter Merholz ponders how to make user-added keywords (or

  3. Subterranea Britannica: Sites: Bishopsgate Goods Station (Goodsyard)

    Interesting report on the history and future of the location, and it uses one of my photos (on the fourth page).

  4. About Desktop Manager

    Been using this for a few days now, and it’s invaluable if you only have one screen.

  5. Kevin Kelly — Cool Tools - A Review of Review Sites

    The best sites that review all kinds of things. Useful round-up.

  6. Joel on Software - The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing

    About interviewing programmers, but useful otherwise too perhaps.

  7. Chalet lounge, catered ski and snowboard accomodation, Chamonix - Cookbook

    Recipes — and some good tips — from Sarah and Tom’s Chalet.

  8. Anti-mega: can we get excited yet?

    Chris is living in the future. And it’s over there.

  9. BBC - BBC Four Music - Gillian Welch Session

    Tonight or tomorrow… if her recentish show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire was anything to go by, this should be awesome.

  10. Sparkly Trainers | The travels of Mary Loosemore: We’re in!

    I’m still stressed. It’ll probably fade soon. Can’t believe we’re there.

  11. Front Page - css-discuss

    The wiki for the css-discuss email list, chock full of answers to common questions. Handy.

  12. IE Doubled Float-Margin Bug - CSS fixes and workarounds

    Because I keep hitting this bug and keep forgetting how to work around it.

  13. Which? - Expert advice from an independent source

    Brand new Which? site - I did some of the HTML/CSS. It looks nice.

  14. Folksongs of America: The Gordon Collection: American Folklife Center

    MP3s of music recorded onto wax cylinders in the 1920s with lyrics and extensive liner notes.

  15. Ninja Tune free music downloads, free video downloads

    A big bunch of tunes by Ninja Tunes folk for free download (MP3, Real and Windows Media).

  16. Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Acting out

    Looking at how we react quicker physically than emotionally, and applying that to acting.

  17. gladwell dot com / The Ketchup Conundrum

    Ooh, I read this in Borders a few weeks ago - interesting stuff about why some things (like Coke/Pepsi) taste

  18. Flickr photo tool has it all and more

    Why Flickr is better than any other online photo library site.

  19. cityofsound: The Elephant Vanishes, Barbican, London

    Dan’s right, this was stunning. Like a live action performance of the most dreamy and complex music video you’ve ever seen.

  20. Flickr: Tags in the Fiona and Matt’s Wedding Pool

    Flickr keeps finding new ways to tickle my

  21. The Living Room Candidate

    Awesomely comprehensive collection of US presidential campaign TV adverts from 1952 to 2004 (doesn’t seem to work in Firefox).