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  1. Sunrise over London - a photoset on Flickr

    Some lovely shots with little landmarks.

  2. Francis is - What is Burning Man?

    Francis’ first Burning Man. Nice, to the point, description of the indescribable.

  3. TeledyN: Living with Webservices

    How might services like Flickr, and others link together better?

  4. Bryan Boyer’s Japan Strips

    Lovely vertical photos (click to see another).

  5. 43 Folders - A bunch of tricks, hacks

    Loving this weblog about being organised, particularly using OS X. Makes me feel like a woolly-minded scatterbrain by comparison.

  6. Mike Davidson: Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text

    Replacing HTML text with Flash-rendered text just to make it look prettier seems like precious designer overkill to me. But it’s very clever and it does work.

  7. Tricks of the Trade

    New weblog. Brilliant!

  8. History flow

    Yummy visualisations of how Wikipedia pages change over time (look in the Gallery).

  9. Analysis of an artificial meme -

    Graphs showing how a meme spread through websites.

  10. SCPlugin

    Mac OS X Finder plugin providing an interface to Subversion (and one day, CVS). In case I ever need it.

  11. Brochure for my 1 bed flat in Hackney (PDF)

    Want to buy a flat in a cool art deco building? More details to follow shortly.

  12. The Morning News - Tricks of the Trade

    Different professions. Landscape architect:

  13. Guardian Unlimited Travel | Saturday section | Quaint essential

    Raves for Frinton-on-Sea and (slightly less so) Walton-on-the-Naze.

  14. Economic History Resources - How Much is That? (British Pounds)

    Handily converts the value of money in past years (back to 1264) to 2002 values.

  15. Fontus - London model

    3D map of central London.

  16. TOOOL - The Open Organisation of Lockpickers

    Someone’s giving a talk on lockpicking here at Euro Foo Camp. More non-computer talks please!

  17. Centricle : css filters (css hacks)

    A big colourful pit of nasty CSS hacks.

  18. Johannes Koch’s How to hide CSS from buggy browsers page

    The URL that almost every website points to is now broken and this is the new home, which is a bugger to find.

  19. Japanese

    Insanely complex interface, but very handy.

  20. Magpie RSS - PHP RSS Parser

    I’ll need this at some point I’m sure.

  21. Why we’re reaching our limits as a one-hour city - Opinion -

    Throughout history cities have been an hour’s travel across. I’m not convinced

  22. Black and White Photography: London Tube Map

    Wonderful aerial photo view of London with the tube lines overlaid on top. Crossed off the to do list.

  23. This week’s UK television

    Beautifully minimal, customisable UK TV listings, including XML versions.