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Writing tagged Periodicals

  1. A pint bottle full of HeLa

    The story of Henrietta Lacks and her cells that went on to be used in medicine without her family knowing.

  2. Cool down, little girl

    Some examples of little details that bring to live much larger issues.

  3. More than a million

    Some bits from a review of a book about Henry Wellcome’s huge collection of objects.

  4. A dispiriting blank side

    How writers and an artist cope with the blank page.

  5. Stilt-walking ants

    Some fun things about ants.

  6. Risking execution

    Reading Terry Eagleton writing about the history of publishing anonymously, and failing to see modern day publishers, online or off, risking execution to safeguard a writer’s anonymity.

  7. Has become untethered

    Two quotes from the LRB and NYRB on religion / secularism and US politics.

  8. Félix Fénéon’s worthy material

    Félix Fénéon’s ‘Novels in Three Lines’ as great Twitter fodder, plus some other related eye-openers.

  9. Two NYRB notes

    The UN, European vs US 20th century war casualties, and Bush’s speechwriters.

  10. LRB notes

    Three passages from past London Reviews of Books. Empson on Christianity, Pythagorean rules, and the screams of children from old English schools.

  11. New York Review of Books, 27 April 2006

    A few quotes/statistics from a review of books on globalization for me to remember not to forget.

  12. London Review of Books, 20 April 2006

    Notes from this issue, including the cause of revolutions, modernism and Weegee.

  13. New York Review of Books, 9 February 2006

    Lots of quoting from a review of Jimmy Carter’s ‘Our Endangered Values: America’s Moral Crisis’. On the unintended consequences of anti-abortion, pro-life and pro-capital punishment policies.

  14. New York Review of Books, 12 January 2006

    Notes from this issue. A couple of quotes and a couple of links.

  15. Guardian Review, 19 March 2005

    Ian McEwan on how one person taking someone else’s boots leads to the collapse of society (well, almost).

  16. London Review of Books, 5 March 2005

    Science should reconcile first and third person accounts of the universe, and novels written in free indirect style do just that.

  17. London Review of Books, 5 August 2004

    Contents page online here Only one review really grabbed me this issue, which I paraphrase here.…

  18. London Review of Books, 22 July 2004

    Contents page online here ‘Stainless Splendour’ by Stefan Collini It’s not just…

  19. London Review of Books, 8 July 2004

    Contents page online here ‘Reasons to Be Miserable‘ by James Meek Lengthy quotes, but…