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Writing tagged blogs

  1. Blogroll Keepers #5

    Atlas Minor, Garbage Day, Live Laugh Blog, Perils of the Overworld, and Vittles.

  2. Blogroll Keepers #4

    More blogs and newsletters that are newish to me, that I like.

  3. Blogroll keepers #3

    Lots of blogs I’ve been trying out and am keeping around in my feed reader more permanently.

  4. Blogroll keepers #2

    Irenebrination, BIG by Matt Stoller, Craig Mod’s newsletters and Ask a Manager.

  5. Blogroll keepers

    A couple of blogs I’ve recently tried and like enough to keep following.

  6. The 1959 Project

    I’m enjoying The 1959 Project, daily posts about the New York jazz scene in that year.

  7. Classic menswear blogs

    A list of the sites I read about tailoring.

  8. “Blog” vs “blogpost”

    Complaining to the ‘Guardian’ about misuse.

  9. The American Civil War, one day at a time

    The ‘New York Times’ is starting a blog telling the story of the war, day by day.

  10. No one will be pointing at them

    If all websites cost money to read, what would I pay for?