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Putting together my blogroll last month (the latest version is on this page) was the first time in a while I’ve thought about what blogs I’m following and why. I realised how many of them are by friends, which is lovely and cosy but it’d be good to cast the net wider.

(I do follow sites other than those listed but those in my blogroll are, I guess, those I like enough, and that are updated regularly/recently enough, to be happy to share.)

So I’ve been making more effort to look out for other blogs to follow and have added a “Tryout” tag in Feedbin as a way to sit with them for a while and see what sticks. Here are a couple of keepers.

Disquiet by Marc Weidenbaum — “at the intersection of sound, art, and technology” — has been around for yonks but it wasn’t until I followed a link from (I think) Tom Armitage that I thought, “Oh, I should be following this”. Better late than never. Lots of really interesting stuff about music and sound more generally, connected nicely in this quote from a recent article:

The exact same sonic issues that I abhor in conference calls I seek out in electronic music.

Michael Tsai has also been around for ages. I used to use his SpamSieve email filter years ago, and it’s still going. He blogs about Apple tech stuff from a developer’s point of view, and mostly does so by collecting a several tweets or quotes about a particular topic. I’m interested in this stuff but, not being an iOS/macOS developer I’m not into it enough to follow loads of people doing it. I only want a high-level taste of what’s happening and Tsai’s curation (as we call it these days) is a brilliant way to do that.

Hopefully I’ll find more blogs I want to follow and, when I do, I’ll post something about them. It seems like a good way to share nice things.

I still need more variety — fewer men writing about computery stuff for a start. For example, I’d like to find a good blog or two about both cars and fashion.

I’ve tried a few car blogs over the years and never stuck with any of them other than Not £2 Grand Cars. I don’t know what angle I’m interested in. I don’t care about super cars or vintage cars, and I don’t want in-depth reviews of every new Nissan Mundane and Vauxhall Humdrum. But I’m still interested… somehow. I enjoy some of the Fully Charged shows, which are enthusiastic and charming (and electric) but I feel the car blog for me is out there somewhere.

As for fashion… again, I’m not sure what aspect I want to read about. I follow a bunch of men’s tailoring blogs which is a bit different. I like The Rosenrot but that’s quite specific. I want something a bit more general but I’m not bothered about catwalk shows or every tiny shift in what style of trousers are hot right now (you can hear me shout “That’s not news!” every morning when I get to one of the Guardian‘s self-important fashion articles).

Any thoughts welcome.

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