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w/e 2019-11-24

Hello! I’m not sure what happened to this week. I did some work but not much else. I didn’t finish reading anything and I didn’t watch anything of note (I’m currently part-way through season five of Seinfeld, again).

§   Today I started Couch to 5K again, thinking an occasional run would be a good thing once we’re no longer living close to swimming pools. I last did it over ten years ago, and haven’t run much since, and I remember the early stages being enjoyable, a nice mix of walking and running, so I felt like I’d exercised without getting exhausted, and it was more interesting than only walking. We’ll see if I keep it up once it becomes actual running.

This time around I have an Apple Watch and the walking/running does feel a bit futurey, being able to take nothing but my watch, and have it tell me in an annoying voice when to start and stop, and record my heart rate, and plot my route even if that’s only as accurate as if drawn by someone who’s not really paying attention. I’m currently using Intervals Pro because the dedicated Couch to 5K apps didn’t work with only a Watch, or didn’t record heart rate, or, worst of all, use motivational avatars.

Screenshot of my heart rate during the walk/run, going up and down, up and down, with each interval
Not very tiring

I do not know what 16-year-old me, who was relieved to no longer have to do PE lessons, and who did no exercise for the next ten years, other than cycling as a means of transport around town, would think of me now.

§   Because I occasionally see funny or interesting TikTok videos shared on Twitter I installed the app in a bored moment. As I should have expected the videos that get shared on Twitter are much better than most of the videos on TikTok. And yet it’s still mesmerising, somehow, and can eat up time.

So far I have learned that a lot of young men think they’re very funny and a lot of young women need to wear tops that cover their stomachs or they’ll catch their death of cold if they go out like that, you mark my words. But, aside from the videos of men doing pranks (ugh, grow up), everyone seems happy and like they’re having fun so that’s nice.

§   Yeah, that’s all. Maybe try and do something worth remarking on this week?

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