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2019-11-24 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2019-11-24

    Couch to 5K and TikTok. That’s it.

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    looks like they have "Gen Xer" at 46-yo right now. per the same table, we own 16% against the Boomers' 40% in 2000. so the ratio has held as we've aged. (4 years before that 8% we were at 6% so about double where the Millennials are now - & we're somewhat smaller)…

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    Fraction of all US wealth owned by Boomers & Gen-Xers when the average member of each was age 35:

    Boomers, 1989 21%
    GenX, 2008 8%

    The average Millennial turns 35 in 2023. Right now they own 3%.

    There will surely be political implications.…

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    girlcotting is when you buy a product you normally wouldn't because it's being boycotted by someone you don't like