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I added a blogroll to the front page of the Writing section of my site. (2021: It’s now moved to its own page.)

Screenshot of the blogroll

I don’t think I ever had such a thing — a list of blogs I like reading — before, despite them being de rigeur back in the day.

It feels like a worthwhile addition. I like seeing them on other sites, to get a sense of what someone’s reading, and maybe discover something I find interesting myself.

There are lots of other things in my feed reader but these are sites that have updated reasonably recently, that I enjoy a lot, that other people might like, etc.

It does make me realise how many of the blogroll-worthy sites I follow are those of my friends. Which is lovely but it makes me think I need to cast my net a bit wider as well, to read different things.

It was also pleasant to look through my feed reader and realise how many blogs are being updated. It makes me happy to see all this life in the Isles of Blogging in 2019.

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