Week 345

If all goes to plan I’ll be busy with client work, SXSW, and a proper holiday from the start of March through to mid-May. So I’m trying to reserve the few weeks before then for myself.

I’m usually bad at saying “no” to work, but last week I managed to do this twice, with the aim of working only on my own projects until March. Which should work out fine, but does make me nervous.

So, last week I made a start on building a simple site for my next project. If I was any good at Django I could have finished it last week, but I can see it will take me the rest of this week too. Small, frustrating steps, but I’m learning.

This project is about news and next week, once the site is built, I’ll be doing a lot of reading and writing. More about this shortly I expect.

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25 Jan 2010 at Twitter

  • 8:33pm: Making a big load of red bean gumbo.
  • 4:42pm: Spending most of the day scratching my head about trying to do simple things in Django. This will probably continue for most of the week.
  • 4:32pm: @tomcoates Currently, 6.30ish on weekdays, about 8.30ish on weekends. No kids.
  • 2:32pm: @gilest Jonathan?

25 Jan 2010 in Links