Week 335

I enjoy reading BERG’s weekly notes about what’s happening at the young company. I wondered whether there’s scope in an even smaller work unit — me — doing something similar, and decided there’s only one way to find out…

There might not be enough to write about every week, but I won’t know until I try. I’m hoping that this process will make me feel a little more “in the world” as I’ve been mostly working from home, alone, recently. I also think it may help me confront or admit some things that, business-wise, I should be doing differently.

So, counting from when I began freelancing, this is week 335. Activity on Misfits is, for me, gradually slowing down. There is still work to do as we add new scenes and improve some of the features post-launch but I’m starting to surface from the five-days-a-week couple of months and the end is very much in sight.

Five days of client work each week hardly sounds like overdoing it, but when one has too many side-projects on the go, plus the inevitable business admin on top, it feels hard to sustain over the long term. Consequently, I’m now trying to devote Fridays to updating Samuel Pepys (half a day every week) plus other non-paying quasi-work activity. We’ll see how that goes.

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17 Nov 2009 at Twitter

  • 9:26pm: Mood not helped by unbearable stuffiness of NFT1, but: smug, high-culture collapsitarians.
  • 7:35pm: At BFI/RIBA/Wired architecture future thing. The 4 speakers either dully plod through reading scripts or are ramblingly unprepared (Parry).
  • 12:57pm: You And Yours discussing whether technology is good or bad for society. Well, sometimes I wish radio hadn't been invented... #radio4