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Tuesday 22 June 2004

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This year, when I haven’t been coding, I’ve been employed at the lovely Poke working on the new Jamie Oliver website, which launched yesterday. I feel rather too close to it now to describe it in any detail, but a few bullet-pointed highlights for you:

  • Clean but lively design by Steve Pearce (aka Buzz) at Poke.
  • CSS-tastic HTML by yours truly. I rather like the two-level main menu (top right) and the single pixels removed from the corners of those beige and white blocks (based on A List Apart’s Sliding Doors technique).
  • Jamie not only has the weblog-like diary that began on the site’s previous incarnation, but a moblog hot from his phone — it’ll be interesting to see what he does with this.
  • A new forum based on a heavily-customised phpBB and already awash with enthusiastic foodies.
  • Oodles of Jamie’s recipes.
  • A weekly wine column by Fifteen’s wine man, Matt Skinner.
  • And finally, helping you keep up to date with all of the above, RSS feeds for the whole shebang.

Dear Jamie

You often refer to gelatine leaves. We in South Africa don't have this luxury. What would the equivalent be in ordinary powdered geletine.

Thanking you in advance.
Love Judith

Posted by Judith Forster on 7 July 2004, 10:39 am | Link

I'm always amazed that people think posting to a site that mentions a famous person will generate a response from the famous person. You should try Jamie's website instead:

Posted by Phil Gyford on 7 July 2004, 11:46 am | Link

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