Phil Gyford


Monday 4 August 2003

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I hadn’t listend to 6 Music since just after it launched, but I gave it a whirl this evening and within minutes a Brian Eno documentary started! I was intrigued as it was billed as the first part of a series, and while I’ve heard hour-long shows on him before, a whole series would be a real treat. Unfortunately the series is only two parts long. And each part is half an hour.

You also have to put up with Stuart Maconie who is irritating in his ubiquity. But still, it’s a fun whizz from Roxy Music, almost avoiding ambient, the 70s solo vocal stuff, a quote from Bowie, ending at producing U2. Even Brian Ferry got a nice word in. I’m guessing you can pick it up two thirds of the way into this three hour stream for the next week.

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