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Wednesday 30 July 2003

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Three things I may never need again now this project’s finished, but just in case:

If you must use a DHTML and JavaScript-powered cascading menu system, this US$35 Windows application will make your life a whole lot easier by creating all the code for you. The interface isn’t particularly elegant, but it does the job and the menus (which can also work across frames) function as well as DHTML menus can be expected to.
Iframe scroller
If you must have some text scrolling up an iframe on your site, then this JavaScript seems one of the better ones. Unlike most of the alternatives, it seperates the visible content from the code.
Date and time JavaScript
If you must display the date and/or time on your page using JavaScript, this script does the job well.

Ahh, it’s just like the old days!


If NS4 is never a problem, personally I really like the style of pull down menus used on Netscape DevEdge ( as the code is really nice to maintain (the menu's just unordered lists). Quite nice.

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