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Friday 30 May 2003

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After seeing 2lmc mention it earlier in the week I went and bought issue one of Smoke yesterday. It’s as pleasing as I hoped, free of Hoxtonian style-mag nonsense, and with OK writing too (aside from a predilection for overly-long and unfunny similies). The contributors are excited about living in London, about its history and its fictions, and have a refreshing lack of sarcasm and cynicism. And it has a photo of the Temple of Mithras bus stop.

This is my city. This is our city. When I hang up my bag on the Met Line. When I hang from the pole of a Routemaster. When I skip through the tunnels at King’s Cross. When I run for front seat on the Docklands Light Railway. When the chimneys of Battersea loom into view. When I spot Canary Wharf from a precious new place. When I walk the warm streets of Brixton. When I run round the clock tower at Golders Green. When I wake up, half-drunk, at High Barnet. When I wake up, still dreaming, at Morden. When I find a new postcode with which I fall in love. When I find a short-cut never spotted before. When my breath catches me, suddenly, as it did that first time, and all the others, when crossing Westminster Bridge. When I wander the streets, half-tired, half-there perhaps, with friends and companions, or sometimes alone, and suddenly see it again, in the air above.


Hello, this is Jude of Smoke, er. negligible fame. Just to let anyone know - if you're searching for a copy, we've sold out of the first print-run, and are now in limbo-land, waiting for the reprint to return from the printers. You can always order one from me by e-mailing me - help us sell the second run!

Posted by Jude Rogers on 7 June 2003, 10:32 am | Link

After reading this piece earlier in the week, I bought two copies at Blackwells on Friday and were told that they were the last that they had.

You should send a copy to the Robert Elms Show at BBC Radio London - it's exactly the kind of thing that he likes to chat about on his show (it would help if you have something about Camden or Shepherds Bush in it).

Posted by Glyn on 9 June 2003, 11:15 pm | Link

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