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Friday 14 February 2003

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Some things are so simple that almost no site has managed to produce them. One is a decent cinema guide. Every UK cinema guide seems teeth-gnashingly clumsy. A guide to UK TV is another. I just want the equivalent of a newspaper’s TV page, nothing fancy. Having given up on this quest months ago I recently discovered the Guardian’s TV guide. It doesn’t show you what’s on lots of channels at the same time. It doesn’t let you save your personal channel configuration. It doesn’t highlight different genres with different pastel shades. It just describes what’s on every channel. It’s quite a relief.



Posted by Jim on 20 December 2003, 6:35 pm | Link

Try It has many more channels but similar layout in it's list view but it also has daily pick of the day and a rather fab (if small) grid.

Posted by Joe the plumber on 23 October 2008, 7:32 am | Link

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