Phil Gyford


Friday 17 January 2003

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Damn and blast. It took me weeks of agonising to decide to shut Byliner. And the moment I did I had second thoughts. Was I really going to close a site after so long just because I couldn’t be bothered to do the small amount of maintenance? Of course, it didn’t help that Pepys’ Diary was taking up so much of my time. Now I can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to a useful site, or, to be honest, of handing it over to someone else. So, I’m going to rewrite it, redesign it. and add new features starting with RSS feeds, as suggested by Yoz and Ben Hammersley. It’s a relief to have belatedly reached the right decision.



Posted by Ben Hammersley on 18 January 2003, 9:56 am | Link

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