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Saturday 18 January 2003

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One of my favourite games on my Spectrum, most of my life ago, was Rebelstar. There were two small teams of intergalactic soldiers, with the computer optionally controlling one, who took turns to move, shoot and perform other actions. It doesn’t look or sound that great, but the elements of the game were balanced just right to make it amazingly compulsive. Later I graduated to Laser Squad on the Atari ST, which was very similar but added more missions and other goodies and was even better.

Now, the brothers who were behind these games and more have come up with Laser Squad Nemesis, a version of the game you play via email. It sounds fantastic and is thankfully only available for the PC or else I’d have had to spend even longer staring at this screen than I currently do. (Via Boing Boing.)



Rebelstar Raiders was one of my favourite games too - and at

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