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Links tagged with “wikis”

  1. Wikitten

    Simple PHP-based wiki, uses Markdown or HTML syntax, has syntax highlighting for code blocks. (via @benbrown)

  2. LocalWiki - The open-content, open-source effort to share the world’s local knowledge

    This looks very nice. Open source, nicely designed, good idea. (via @mala)

  3. Why Wikipedia beats Wikinews as a collaborative journalism project » Nieman Journalism Lab

    From Feb 2010. Wikinews’ combination of deadlines and less of a formula for story structure than Wikipedia has proved challenging for collaborative writing.

  4. How to: create a wiki with Drupal | Cwgordon7’s blog

    Drupal was quite lovely and easy to install, if complicated. But the wiki still felt a bit “not quite right” somehow.

  5. HOWTO/Install MoinMoin On Dreamhost - Mitch’s Wiki

    The official MoinMoin wiki installation instructions are a confusing nightmare and failed me. These, on the other hand, just worked (even on a non-Dreamhost shared host). Still seems much, much more complex than an install should be.

  6. WikiMatrix - Compare them all

    Compare loads of features of loads of wikis.

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