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2009-02-23 (Monday)


  1. HOWTO/Install MoinMoin On Dreamhost - Mitch’s Wiki

    The official MoinMoin wiki installation instructions are a confusing nightmare and failed me. These, on the other hand, just worked (even on a non-Dreamhost shared host). Still seems much, much more complex than an install should be.

  2. WikiMatrix - Compare them all

    Compare loads of features of loads of wikis.

  3. Main Page - Lyrics from LyricWiki

    Never trawl through those oodles of banner-ad and ringtone laden sites filled with scraped and inaccurate lyrics again. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this before.

  4. Big L Radio Times Feature | Big L

    Article from the ‘Radio Times’ from last year describing life in the Frinton-on-Sea house that radio DJs Mike Read, David “Diddy” Hamilton and Adrian John share five days a week. Those wacky guys!


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    For such involved cooking that was surprisingly free of taste.

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    Making Pasta with Green Lentil Sauce and Swiss Chard

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    Next: Baking simnel cake. Then: shooting things, if only to make @schulze jealous.

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    Wishing Moin Moin was as easy to install as WordPress or even Movable Type these days. Bloody geeks.

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    Thanks for the wiki suggestions folks. Moin Moin looks good and is a good wiki comparer.