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Links tagged with “warrenellis”

  1. warren’s collection | Bandcamp

    Occasionally while working I want some weird, dark, ambient noise and…

  2. Warren Ellis Production Ident Roger Strunk

    Nice write-up of designing a three second TV ident for Warren Ellis.

  3. Elderblog Unlimited - OO 3 Feb 19

    For the bit about “Elderblogging”.

  4. The Status Page – MORNING, COMPUTER

    I like this idea and have probably liked similar ideas before.

  5. The Future Is A Confidence Trick

    “The industry of futurism is bad at the future.”

  6. Boiling Spacetime: How Time Works In The Graphic Novel

    Warren Ellis: “You can make time run so fast that the reader thinks that your comic has been injected into their eyeball, or so slow and heavy that the reader feels like you’ve boiled a doorstop novel into some condensed informational substrate.”

  7. Warren Ellis » Closing

    On the Olympic closing ceremony. Exactly right.

  8. Warren Ellis » Guest Informant: Moon Wiring Club

    Some interesting-sounding music here, although obscurity and lack of bloody links makes it a bit annoying to listen and/or buy.

  9. Warren Ellis » Want/Get/Do

    Nice and simple advice about getting a basic thread for a story from a rough idea.

  10. Warren Ellis » Paper Nets

    “I keep wondering. What can a one-writer magazine look like?” Me too.

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