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2010-05-14 (Friday)


  1. Warren Ellis » Want/Get/Do

    Nice and simple advice about getting a basic thread for a story from a rough idea.

  2. ImageOptim – a PNG/JPEG/GIF optimizer for Mac OS X

    Good. To get my PNGs to be the same colour as CSS backgrounds in FF/IE I had to use the PNGCrush optimiser to remove gAMA, sRGB, ICCP and cHRM. Now you know.

  3. LRB · Gareth Peirce · America’s Non-Compliance

    Good description of quite how scary America is in terms of lack of civil rights for those accused of crimes (never mind convicted), whether in America or not.

  4. HTML5 Readiness

    Handy (HTML5/CSS3) diagram of which HTML5/CSS3 features are in which browsers. (Upshot: I can’t use any of it yet for production sites.) (via Daring Fireball)


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    @mildlydiverting Oh no! I hope it's all not too bad. Big, big hugs.

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    Nice to be back at the BRIG today for the first day in ages. Now, celebrating the weekend with coffee and a cookie at a busy Fix.

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    [Like lots of other people] I signed the petition to repeal the Digital Economy Act #DEBill #DEAct #GE2010

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    Wanted, Gogos for grown-ups: Gogos of the Cabinet, maybe the entire House of Commons. Future ranges: House of Lords, all the civil service.

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    While we were all focused on what Apple and Adobe were doing the open source community released a massive... Kidding, they didn’t do shit.